Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 1
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 2
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 3
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 4
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 5
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 6
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 1
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 2
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 3
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 4
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 5
Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 6

Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine

Customized logo(Min. Order: 5 Sets),Customized packaging(Min. Order: 5 Sets),Graphic customization(Min. Order: 5 Sets)
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SupportSea freight
مكان المنشأ:
This supplier also supports L/C,T/T,Western Union,alibaba excrow payments.
العلامة التجارية:
Taiwan syntec
المهلة الزمنية:
1 - 1(Pieces):7(days),2 - 3(Pieces):6(days),4 - 5(Pieces):5(days),>5(Pieces):Negotiable(days)
z height
non-oil pump
dust collector system
double dust collector system
Motor and drivers
Japan Yaskawa servo motor
Taiwan TBI ball screw
Local Service Location
Control system
Syntec control system
Italy HSD spindle
Applicable Industries
Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Advertising Company, furniture industry
Showroom Location
After Warranty Service
Video technical support, Online support, Field maintenance and repair service
Key Selling Points
After-sales Service Provided
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
36 months
Weight (KG)
Power (kW)
Brand Name
Place of Origin
Shandong, China
Control System Brand
Taiwan syntec
CNC or Not
Spindle Motor Power(kW)
Repeatability (X/Y/Z) (mm)
0.01 mm
Travel (Y Axis)(mm)
0.01 mm
Travel (X Axis)(mm)
0.01 mm
Machine Type
CNC Router
Working Table Size(mm)
No. of Spindles
Positioning Accuracy (mm)
0.01 mm
Range of Spindle Speed(r.p.m)
100 - 24000

Chinese Wholesaler ATC Wood CNC Router Prices



 Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 7


BCAM CNC routers with linear ATC C Series are engineered and built to fit your application as well as your budget. Our C series CNC routers with linear ATC are available in large and small table configurations and are capable of handling a wide variety of milling, drilling, contouring, boring, shaping, grooving, routing and engraving projects. All of our CNC routers are built to be rugged, dependable and are backed with superior customer support.




1.Breakpoint continuous engraving function: When a power failure or other unexpected condition causes the machine to stop, restart the machine, the machine will start processing from the breakpoint


2.Emergency stop switch: If machine have wrong, running fast, emergency touch people, machine will stope, it is very convenient, you press again machine will start to work. Just like our machine have Triple protection switch


3.Japan shimpo reducer: The original Japanese speed reducer has higher precision, long life and good stability compared with the traditional belt transmission. If the belt is used, the machine will wear out after running for a period of time,

and the belts on both sides of the machine are inconsistent, which is easy to reduce. Accuracy, and the use of a reducer avoids these problems


4.New design Auto oil lurbrication system The new design of this device, a machine has about 13 groups, when too much oil, it will automatically prevent too much lubricant to guide rails, prevent excessive oil,and dripping to the surface

of the surface or material, the traditional oil row There is no such function


5.New design T-slot Material fixture Curved design, compared with the traditional fixture, the operation is simple and quick, the fixed material has good effect, and it is not easy to damage the surface of the table and material


6.Airtech pro dust free system dust free system According to the mechanics, the wind of the vacuum cleaner is combined with the wind brought by the spindle speed, and the function of vacuuming is maximized to achieve the best vacuuming effect.not see dust again




Widely used industry :such as woodwork, advertising, seal, craft and gift, art mold, mold industries, etc. It is also used in the furniture, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration, musical instrument, wooden handicraft fields, etc. 


The mainly material: it can used for engraving and cutting wood, acrylic, doublecolor board, PVC, EVA,ABS board, stone, imitation stone, metal, aluminum mold etc.


BCM1325C with Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drivers


 Working area: 1500*3000*200mm|5´*10´
 CE standard
 Italian HSD 9.5KW(12HP) Electrospindle with 8-position Automatic Tool Changer(ISO30)
 10mm Heavy duty body
 Active safety system
 Helical rack and pinion drivers on X and Y axis, Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission
 25mm Heavy-duty Hiwin HG Series linear bearing
Vacuum table+T-solts
 Taiwan Syntec 6MA
 Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drivers system
Delta brand VFD-B variable frenquency drive
8 Position Automatic Tool Changer (options: 10 ,12 position)
 Tool Cone Holder-for east bit changing
 Solid State limit switches
3 Years Warranty


Standard Specifications BCM1530C

X,Y,Z Working Area


Optional Working Area1300*1300*200mm|4´*4´

Spindle Power

9kw Italy HSD air cooling  spindle

X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy


Table Surface

Vacuum table+Intergrated T-solt table clamping System

X,Y,Z Rail and Trasmission

X Y axis gear transmission, Z axis TaiwanTBI Ball Screw

Max. Rapid Travel Rate


Max. Working Speed


Cutting thickness

According materials

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

Japanese Yaskawa Servo Drive System

Working Voltage

AC380v/50HZ/3 phase

Command Language

G code

Operating System

Taiwan Syntec 6MB control system



Software Compatibility

Option:BCAMPRO/VCarve/VCarve Pro/ArtCAM/UCANCAM,etc.

Running Environment

Temperature: -20℃~45℃ Relative Humidity: 5%~75%

Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 8Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 9Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 10Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 11Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 12Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 13Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 14Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 15Geotextile Membrane 100gsm 100 - 24000 by DaLong CNC Machine 16

 Inner quality control system:

In order to show you our best quality ,please allow me to introduce our quality control system as follows:
#.In the processing of production, our professional technical engineers inspect the processing to ensure the quality of products
#.Every machine must be tested before delivery for 8 hours , all of them are absolutely qualified.
#. 36 months guarantee of the whole machine.
#. Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem
during the warranty period.
#.Lifetime maintenance free of charge.
#.We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.
#.Machine has been adjusted before delivery.

#.Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.


1. How to use the machine after receving the machine

Firstly , when you got machine , you need to contact with us ,our engineer will together with your to deal with it ,secondly ,we send user manuals and

 CD to you before you get the machine ,Thirdly Our professional technician online teach you until you can use it well by yourself.          


2.Payment terms,There are 2 ways to pay money . 1)T/T, means international bank transfer. 30% deposit, we produce the machine for you. 70% before shipping.

 It is convenient and fast. 2)Alibaba Secure payment. Reliable and safe, Alibaba will charge a little handling fee.        


3.How to choose a suitable machine?

You can tell us the working piece material, size, and the request of machine function. We can recommend the most suitable machine according to our experience.

Other kinds of payment we can consider if acceptable for us.


4.Do you have a setup and equipment commissioning service?

Yes,we have. The machine was installed and debugged before delivery. You can use the machine directly after receiving it. Of course, we also could let our technologists go to your country to install and debug the machine.


5. What is the warranty period for the equipment?

Three years warranty and 24 hours online professional technical support.


6. How to choose a good machine?

1)Machine quality.If you plan to choose a so cheap machine,maybe the quality is bad.And you have to order another machine after you use it for a period.This situation will have a bad effect on your producing.So the quality of the machine is most important factors to choose a machine.

2)Future more,aftersales service is very important, too.Good aftersales service represent the image of a company .After you use the machine and find some problem of machine,

a good after-sales can solve it effectively and protect the rights of consumers’.

3)The third is technical support.Because of time difference,there is a big problem to communicate with the seller. When you need help, maybe it is the sleeping time for the sellers. So the effectively contact information and serve is also useful to you. Other sellers maybe can not do this, but our company can provide 24th service a day,we could go to your place to help you solve some problems if necessary.

4)The last is company. In order to ensure their image, a company with good reputation usually can produce good quality machine .As our company, we specialized in CNC machine is more than 10 years, the professional engineer teams,the advanced equipment and the good service have earned us good reputation in world market.


7. If you want to know whether the machine can work on your material, please tell me:

1)What materials do you want to engrave or cut?

For different types cnc woodworking machine apply to different material.

2)What’s the max size of the material?(Length *width* thickness)

For it decided the working size of machine.(for example: BCM600*900mm)

Once you tell me about this, then I am able to recommend you the most suitable machine and best price for you. Or we can customize one for you.


8. This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?

1) English guide video and instruction book are sent to you free together with the cnc router.

2)Free training course in our factory. Engineers are available to serve overseas but all the expense needs being paid by your side.

3)24 hours technical support by calling, video and email.



Company Advantages

1. DaLong CNC Machine woven polypropylene is made of high-grade raw material and is manufactured according to industry norms.

2. With the help of talented experts, DaLong CNC Machine vertical sealing machine comes in various innovative design styles.

3. With the assistance of skilled professionals, DaLong CNC Machine laser engraving silver is given a finely-finished looking.

4. DaLong CNC Machine valves in parallel is beautifully manufactured by the use of advanced technology.

5. The product operates reliably. There is no sudden failure due to unexpected situations such as power failure or sudden changes in current.

6. Reliability is one of its obvious advantages. High-performance electrical components and electrical protection systems help prevent accidents.

7. It features electrical safety. It has been assessed in terms of electromagnetic radiation emission, electromagnetic radiation sensitivity, electrostatic discharge, electrical transients, etc.

8. The dangerous chemicals found in this product is generally considered too small to pose a potential risk to people health.

9. The product is able to bring out a woman's natural existing beauty, while not posing any potential impact on health.

10. It is definitely suitable for people who have spent the past years trying desperately to find the product that their sensitive skin can tolerate.

Company Features

Thanks to years of self-development, Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd has accumulated rich experience in designing and manufacturing hand injection moulding machine. We have been recognized as a dependable manufacturer. Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd is constantly putting efforts on the design and manufacture and becomes one of the most famous designers and manufacturers of hand injection moulding machine. Throughout years, Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd has been engaged in the R&D, design, and manufacture of hand injection moulding machine. We are widely accepted with abundant production experience. Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd goes far beyond many competitors when it comes to providing high-quality hand injection moulding machine. We enjoy a good reputation in the industry. Being a fast-growing manufacturing company, Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd excels in the R&D, design, and production of high-quality products such as hand injection moulding machine.

The majority of raw materials, technology and facilities utilized by Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd, are acquired from abroad. Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd has independent products researching and developing ability. Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd has established its R&D center at abroad, and invited a number of foreign experts as technical advisers.

We have been always adhering to the business philosophy of "market-oriented and customer-oriented and people-oriented team management thought". We would like to absorb new ideas to continuously improve ourself. The motto of our company is diligence, intelligence, determination, and perseverance. We continue to uphold this motto as the basis of our management ideology. Our company runs in line with "customer first, integrity first" business philosophy. We aim to hold a stable status in the market taking this philosophy as our basis.

Application of the Product

The geotextile membrane 100gsm of DaLong CNC Machine can meet the different needs of different customers.

With many years of practical experience, DaLong CNC Machine is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

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