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On this page, you can find quality content focused on LED Ceiling Lights. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to LED Ceiling Lights for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on LED Ceiling Lights, please feel free to contact us.

Here is basic information about LED Ceiling Lights developed and marketed by Guangzhou Dragon Machinery Technology Co.Ltd. It is positioned as a key product in our company. At the very beginning, it was designed to meet specific needs. As time goes by, the market demand changes. Then comes our excellent production technique, which helps update the product and makes it unique in the market. Now it is well recognized in both domestic and foreign markets, thanks to its distinct performance say quality, lifetime, and convenience. It is believed that this product will catch more eyes in the world in future.

We receive important feedback on how our existing customers' experience Dragon Machinery brand by conducting customer surveys through regular evaluation. The survey aims to give us information on how customers value the performance of our brand. The survey is distributed biannually, and the result is compared with earlier results to identify positive or negative trends of the brand.

LED Ceiling Lights that comes with a reasonable price and the cordial and knowledgeable customer service will be accessible to customers at all times at Dragon Machinery.

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Missing US Woman Found Chained Up in Storage Shed
A woman missing since August has been found chained up in a storage container in Spartanburg County, South Carolina in the US.Authorities have also discovered a body on the South Carolina property, according to the Spartanburg County coroner.At least one body was found shortly after noon today on a 100-acre property in the town of Woodruff, northeast of Greenville, Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger said."In (the) beginning stages of investigation of one body," Mr Clevenger said by email. "No other information available I can release right now."Investigators with cadaver dogs began searching the property yesterday after police found Kala Brown, 30, inside the locked container, Sheriff Chuck Wright of the Spartanburg County police department told a news conference this morning.Ms Brown and her boyfriend, Charles Carver, went missing on 31 August. A tip related to the disappearance of the couple, who live in Anderson, about 55 miles southwest of Greenville, led police to the Woodruff property.Mr Carver, 32, was still missing and police were looking for him and evidence related to the kidnapping, Sheriff Wright said."She (Brown) said that there's four people buried on this property," Sheriff Wright said. "I don't know if that's true or not but we're willing to stay here as long as it takes to make sure whats he said is either true or not true."Police arrested 45-year-old Todd Kohlhepp yesterday, a registered sex offender who works as an estate agent, on suspicion of kidnapping.Sheriff Wright said Ms Brown and Mr Kohlhepp knew each other and that her abduction was "not a random act." He did not specify how they were acquainted.Ms Brown, who is being treated at a local hospital, shared information with police during a brief interview, Sheriff Wright said without elaborating."We're gonna' let her heal and make sure she's physically and mentally fine," Sheriff Wright said.
The Relationship of LED Lighting Design and CCT &CRI
Philips recently wrote an article about Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) and Color Rendering Index (CRI), the characteristics of these two light parameters , which in fact is a great help to lighting designers.LED technology change the way we interpret lighting metricsLED lighting has evolved from a viable technology to a mass-produced technology in recent years. As this evolution continues, LED technology has moved on. Designing with LEDs is not as straightforward as it used to be with conventional technologies. For lighting designers to fully using the possibilities of LED lighting offers, they must change the way they think about lighting and develop a new understanding of the relationship between commonly used light parameters, like CCT and CRI.What is CCT and CRI?In order to create desired lighting effects, lighting designers need to be familiar with the different characteristics that express the color of white light. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is used to indicate the color appearance (or tint) of white light. However, CCT alone does not fully define white appearance since two light sources with the same CCT value can have very different visual appearances. Thats because the exact position of the chromaticity coordinates also contributes to the perception of whiteness. Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a fidelity index that indicates how close the colors of objects appear when illuminated by a test source in comparison to a reference illuminant. CRI 100 is the maximum value, meaning that the light is as close as possible to the reference light source. Lower CRI values indicate that some colors may appear different when compared to the reference light. Limits of traditional lightingIn traditional lighting technologies, these aspects have relatively fixed relationships between them. In addition, it is often believed that higher CRI can produce better quality light sources, whereas several perception studies have demonstrated that light sources with a CRI of 70 can be preferred over light sources with a CRI of 100. But this also depends on other characteristics that are not captured by CRI, such as color saturation. With the appearance of LED lighting technology, all this has changed. Its now possiblely to adjust and optimize the light spectrum to meet specific characteristics. So LED technology makes it possible to create completely new lighting effects, the designed way that optimizes the balance between the application needs and energy efficiency. This allows lighting designers to create new lighting experiences. Xicato and MingfaTech designed the BuLED series of products, which is suitable for higher CRI then make Xicato products more efficient. Its also help to designers to break the traditional design limitations. Besides a good heat sink is very important to the light source with good performance, which is also important to lighting designer.One of our companys coolers, the BuLED series of heat sinks are assembled from an LED cooler and an LED housing that designed for spotlights and downlights can achieve 500 to 1800 lumens. MingfaTech recommends the use of high thermal interface LED module and LED coolers. BuLED LED light accessory to replace MR16 fittings and have better beam-focusing, more beautiful appearance, its used for branded LED COB modules in the range of 5W-15W. We cooperated with nearly 20 light source brands like Xicato, Lumileds, Philips, Osram, etc.Light source brand combined with our coolers can make a light with suitable temperature and efficient thermal management, Its a better choice for you. Dont hesitate to get more information. RELATED QUESTION Were can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project? If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance. You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your homes external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, its significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes? Outdoor LED lighting may be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lightings LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient. Whatever options you settle on, youre sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
Can NDA(BJP) Win All 29 Seats in Madhya Pradesh?
There is a possibility of BJP victory in all the 29 seats in Madhya Pradesh. BJP failed to secure two seats of Chindwara and Guna in 2014 because Congress strongmen Kamalnath and Jyothiradithya Scindia have been representing them. Kamalnath is not contesting this election because Kamalnath is the CM and Madhya Pradesh. Also BJP has been improving in these two seats. In the assembly elections BJP had done exceedingly well in these seats by closing in on the Congress candidates. Hence BJP has a very high chance of clean sweeping the state. · Related Questions Why didnu2019t people follow lockdown rules? Are they not afraid that their life is in danger? For the simple reason that too many adult babies are entitled to follow their own skewed rule set of rules, regardless of the law and hope their actions impact others.It's only until after something drastic occurs to them, a family member, their child or their spouse do they finally get it. By that time someone, or some people, are dead or dying, and they have no one to blame but themselves and their ignorant entitlement to freedom at everyone else cost. These are the fools that believe rules and laws don't apply to then, and are only a suggestion ------ How would World War 1 be different if Bismarck was chancellor of Germany? There would never been a WWI if Bismarck was still Chancellor. The Russians would have been Germany's friend, if perhaps confused, at how Germany is somehow Turkey's friend. There would be a portion of the French electorate not ready to die for Alsace Lorraine. The German Navy would be smaller in Dreadnoughts and larger in commerce raiding cruisers but smaller over all. There would have been no nonsense over colonies. If Bismarck was running things the worst that would have happened was a repeat of the Franco Prussian war. Most likely would have been a steady German economic takeover of the continent you know like now. ------ Is Indian Constitution under threat from BJP? Yes. Because after bjp comes into power there are many cases(like 8 years child rap case, Unnao rap and murder case, etc) in which there leaders actions are opposing the constitution.Many times bjp's leaders pass the such statements which is not acceptable against minority. There is one case where constitution written by dr b s Ambedkar is destroyed in Delhi. Here is the links relatedKathua rape case - WikipediaUnnao rape case - WikipediaMan held for burning copy of Constitution - Times of IndiaMany such case you can also see search on internetYes according to me ------ Is it true that 66% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint? Disclaimer: I run SharePoint Online PM team. Facts are accurate, opinions aren't that of my employer.n nWeb based collaboration is entrenched nearly 100% of large enterprises and about two thirds of these companies use SharePoint as their collaboration platform. These companies leverage SharePoint for a variety of capabilities like project collaboration sites, search portals (FAST), social platform (now w/ Yammer), BI platform, document management, LoB integration, and to the surprise of many about a fifth of the enterprise deployments leverage SharePoint for building public facing sites.n nYou have the full SharePoint platform available on the Cloud (office35) OR On-Premise ------ In D&D (5th Edition), What's the limit of "soil" for the Prestidigitation cantrip? I have three guidelines when interpreting what a spell can do:combat spells are combat, non-combat spells are for non-combatyou get what you pay forthe world economy isnt brokenLets take a look at Prestidigitation. The first doesnt apply, but the last two do. It is a cantrip, so you are going to get a cantrip worth of value out of it. That means you get to shine your shoes. It does not mean you get to put all the laundries in the city out of business because you can cast it 1000 times a day ------ Why are Iranian women so beautiful? Because they overestimate themselves and their country in many aspects; especially in beauty, intelligence and natural resources.To be honest, some Iranians think they are more beautiful comparing other nationalities, while beauty is subjective. Who could say whether an Iranian is nicer or a Mongolian, Chinese, Norwegian, or Brazilian?Some elite example could not prove the natural beauty in one nationality. Each country has its own celebrities and nice actress.You will be the most eligible person to answer this question, if you think Iranian girls are more beautiful than other nationalities. To answer the question, list your own criteria. ------ Is the BJP a threat for Indian democracy? Personally I think that the BJP is a threat to Indias diversity. In the name of uniformity they are bound to destroy Tamil language and Tamil culture, and of course the democratic thread on which we have managed to survive as a nation.Uniformity for the BJP means imposing Hindi at the cost of other Indian languages (especially the south Indian languages), destroying the south Indian culture by replacing it with Hindustani culture and more. In short, BJP is definitely a threat not only for Indias democracy but also to south India ------ Why is religion used as the basis behind so many acts of terrorism? Secondly, youre right. Theres a lot of them. 30,000 dead every year from terrorism. In a world of 7,800,000,000 people, though, thats still literally 1 in a million.First off, ew. Stop pretending terrorists are scary.If someone is explicitly trying to scare you, that should be a clear indication they cant.Thats why theyre called terrorists not an army. Thirdly, the reason is terrorism an easy label to put on brown people half a world away so we can justify going to war against them and killing 100 times as many of their civilians as they killed ours. ------ Why were the Sikhs easily defeated and conquered by the British? So what I've picked up from people that actually study the subject of Sikh History is that Maharajah Ranjit Singh (Last Real Leader of the Sikh Empire) did not lay out the plans for the Sikh Empire adequately. This meant that for years after his death there was infighting and a dissolution of the Sikh Empire and a return to individually governed states. This meant when the British did come in it was easier for them to bribe and use subterfuge in order to establish a foothold and ultimately create a puppet state. However this wasn't necessarily easy as their was two Anglo-Sikh Wars ------ As the US president, did Donald Trump repeat any mistake that Obama did when he was president? It may not be accurate to call it a mistake. Obama wanted to close Guantanamo, but was blocked by a GOP Congress and he couldnt find a place that at would take them without due process. Trump signed an executive order to keep it opened, and has since tried to get European nations to take them, but since hes broken alliances and treaties, and gone unilateral, that is unlikely to happen. Nearly 800 people have gone through Gitmo. 40 remain, uncharged and without due process.Different reasons - Different philosophies - same result. ------ Do you trust Jeremy Corbyn to use military force if it is warranted and justified? When has military force been recently warranted?Conventional war as we knew it, almost doesn't exist anymore. No country has recently declared war on us, if anything, we're the ones that attack other countries. I don't understand the extra emphasis needed on this topic. I'm sure if needed, Corbyn would do as any prime minister would do and try his best to mitigate the risk to the public.During the last election, certain members of the public were concerned about North Korea attacking the UK. North Korea! A country which doesn't give two ounces about the UK. ------ How does Pink Floyd fare against The Beatles? How does Pink Floyd fare against The Beatles?Is guacamole better than avocado? One is the main ingredient of the other.In the same way, Pink Floyd would not exist as we know them if the Beatles had not come first. The Beatles established the songwriting rock band as the standard. Before that, we had mostly songwriters, musicians, and singers all as separate disciplines (with a few notable exceptions). After the Beatles, everything was changed.There is no rock band that came after the Beatles that does not owe something to the Beatles blazing that trail. ------ If Dennis Ritchie can develop a programming language in a few years, why can we not master it in few years? Why does it take a lifetime? It doesnt take a lifetime to master C, its a pretty small language, if you dedicated yourself, youd know all of it in a year or two.The problem isnt mastering languages, the problem is being good at programming.An author like Stephen King is not really any better at writing English than I am (and he has paid editors too), the difference is that he is good at writing books, and Im not. Mastering a programming language isnt the problem, its getting good at programming which is the problem ------ Is anyone making money in bitcoin mining anymore? The State of Bitcoin Mining Today; People still make money mining bitcoin.The Bitcoin hashrate has not quite reached its all-time high from March 2020. However, that won't last long and at some point the hashrate will break old records. A high hashrate means that it's more difficult to make a profit mining Bitcoin.Lastly, I will recommend Bitflash cryptocurrency investment platform www.bitflash.eu. This is where I invest and get paid weekly. They support a variety of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. I find that it has a really nice UI and support. Feel free to sign up as my referral D-mesmer. ------ Who are the descendants of the Scythians today? I want to add some points to Feruz Rudakis great answer.The people of Sistan region are the most close people to ancient Scythians. Scythians used to live in Central Asia, but Turkic nomads pushed them down into South Asia. Actually the name of Sistan region is derived from the word Scythian (Persian: sak). In the past, the region was called Sakastan and its king was called sakn-shh. Arabs called this land Sajestan which is the Arabized form of Persian Sakastan/Sagastan. Sakastan gradually changed to Sistan. Al-Sijzi - Wikipedia was a famous mathematician and astronomer from this region ------ Why is Einstein's theory of relativity called relativity? From Einstein words in On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies (June 30 1905):the same laws of electrodynamics and optics will be valid for all frames of reference for which the equations of mechanics hold good. We will rise this conjecture (the purport of wich will be hereafter be called the Principle of relativity )See http://users.physik.fu-berlin.de/kleinert/files/1905_17_891-921.pdf for the original name in GermanHe was extending the EM theory to any frame of reference with only one requisite, the constancy of the speed of light independent of the state of motion of the emitter. He named the theory. ------ What policies brought America out of the Great Depression? The end of WW2 released a flood of soldiers back into the private economy. The statists believers said it was not possible to absorb them, and pushed huge expansion of government.Instead, the free market shocked the left and the American economy soared. Yes, we had great advantages, but that just showed the miracle of free markets. Any alternative to free markets IS folly:How FDR Made the Depression Worse | Robert HiggsFDR's Folly: How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolonged the Great Depression | Burton W. Folsom, Jim PowellSorry, Bernie Sanders, FDR's New Deal Actually Prolonged the Great Depression. ------ How did you become a politician? Politicians job is very tricky. Today you might be in the limelight but tomorrow you may be found guilty of some fictitious scam and then jail! So your reputation gets a beating.So your precious time and money gets spent between bail, lawyers and the court!Your family life , future of your children all gets disrupted! One has to be very thick skinned to withstand all this stress!So better to study well, acquire a respectful and financially secure job and spend peaceful time with your family and you are also able to devote time in moulding your children righteously for their better future! ------ Do you think Hindutva Terrorism is rising in India? Hindutva terrorism has been Dormant in India since long time. Now with a pro-Hindu party being voted into power at the Center and in many large states, this terrorism is slowly raising its head and becoming active.They know that since the government will shield them against any punishment, they are free to carry out any activity they like. Especially lynching and killing Muslims. As has been seen recently in case of Kanwariyas, who should be tried and put behind bars for the violence, were showered with flowers from a government sponsored helicopter. This is just the beginning
Install Led Stage Light in Kolkata
Loss of power can lead to heavy losses for any business enterprise. Power failures also upset our daily life to a great extent. Power shortages or failures cause inconvenience to everyone. Science and technology helped us in dealing with the problem of power failures. The invention of generators has been really helpful in regulating and reducing the undesirable impact of power failures, on our lives. These devices let us to go on with our daily chores and routines, without being harassed because of the power shortage. Generators supply us power back-up facilities to manage electricity failures. Kolkata is city that is full of life. Every now and then some or the other event is organized in some part of the city. The residents and organizers of all these events desire to hire best quality equipment to manage the entire event smoothly. Audio systems, generators and stage lights some extremely important aspects to be taken care of while organizing any event in the city. Today, many varieties of generators are available in the market. The demand for Sound proof generator in Kolkata is becoming hugely popular. These generators do their work very silently. These generators produce a very low noise level, only around 50-65 decibels, and therefore, are certainly far better than the regular ones. Some sound proof internal devices are fitted in the silent generators that help in providing a clean sailing procedure. The demand of power for various mega stage events is tremendous. As the selection of a good quality silent generator is very important, similarly taking care about the Stage light in Kolkata is also equally important for the organizers. For various events like, music and dance shows, DJ nights, etc. one has to invest money in arranging proper paraphernalia for hosting a perfect event. The organizer must understand the fact that different types of stage lights are used for different purposes. Stage lighting differs largely on the ground of dimensions, effects and prices. There are various dealers in the city that offer stage lighting solutions at reasonable prices. Light bars are very popular option. These light bars come in LED or UV light. These are especially admired because these do not release heat like the other regular stage lights. Low heat levels emitted by the light bars help the stage performers to feel comfortable and put up a better show. These lights work in a variety of play modes, like, automatic, play, DMX and sound. It is very convenient to transport and install these lights. These lights have a wonderful effect on the stage. LED stage lights are a great way of conserving power. LED lights can work efficiently on low power therefore these lights do not tax the generators much. When the organizers pair up the LED Stage light in Kolkata with the amazing audio system, the event becomes a sure hit amongst the city crowd. The Sound proof generator in Kolkata also provides the power backup support that is a must for any such occasion in the city.
What Is the Main Reason of Air-cooled Radials Producing Much Less HP/L Compared to Liquid Cooled Vs?
Is it because of the inherent limitations of cooling the cylinder walls, only 2 valves per cylinder, relative ease of scaling up instead of dialing up the boost, or some other reason? I read somewhere once, maybe I can find it again, but it is because of the inherent limitations of cooling the cylinder walls. Air cooling is not as controllable, because the temperature of the air varies with altitude and season. Hence, the temperature of the cylinders in an air cooled engine are not as tightly controlled as a liquid cooled engine. So, the cylinders need to be able to operate over a greater temperature range. Since metal expands with temperature, that means the gap between the cylinders and the bore is typically greater in an air cooled engine than a liquid cooled one. So, this greater gap, even with piston rings means some of the cylinder head pressure after combustion escapes rather than act on the piston. Makes sense to me. OTHER ANSWER: A liquid cooled engine doesn't necessarily expose all its cylinders to the airflow, which reduces drag in comparison to a radial engine. Also, water is a much better medium for distributing heat from an engine so it takes much more heat to have a detrimental effect on LC engines (aka temperature above operating levels). Additionally, the design of a LC engine (inline or V) require the cylinders to be arranged in banks where one camshaft can be used to actuate valves in multiple cylinder heads (thus producing more HP).
Why Are the Arabs so Rich?
I think its more of a over generalisation or stereortype, but it depends on what region , culture and economy i would guess. Some places like Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, which were tiny vilayets (ottoman provinces) had monarchs, thriving businesses like trade, oil diving and other things , but currently there is a lot of inherited wealth from oil, natural gas and some other nonrenewable resources in the Persian Gulf. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia has a lot of money coming in from tourism, fossil fuel production( oil gas etc) but it is in the hands of a couple hundred families who had vast tracts of then unimportant land, but made deals with important corporations like Dutch Royal Shell, British Pretroleum, a lot of American companies and of course small ones that they sell too. But Saudi Arabia has about 25% of the worlds known reserves, and 33 million people with a per capita income averaging equivalent of $55,000 U.S> dollars per year, so the builk of wealth is in the hands of mabye a couple hundred families. Then another region would be Trans Jordan and Mesopotamia ( what the british called them ) where mostly people are of Arab culture, but tend to struggle to get by, and way more are in refugee camps and without livelhood than there are sheiks or millionaires, for example. Iraq, mostly considered arabic speaking , has a really rough economy and once contained treasures, learning centers and trade routes for many empires and time periods, is still trying to recover. But somewhere like Yemen is somewhat balanced and middle class, but was a wealthy kingdom , and is now more like a smaller, less wealthy versian of other Arab states with mixed economies, although oil is a large share of their economy also · Suggested Reading What were Jawaharlal Nehru's greatest achievements? To understand the true extent of Nehru's achievement, let's look at the circumstances under which he lead India:Riots during the Partition of India: In the Punjab region alone, between 200,000 to 500,000 people were killed. 14 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were displaced during the partition in what is the largest mass migration in human history.Food shortages: Famines in British India had a long lasting impact. Most recent was the Bengal Famine of 1943. Integration of Princely States: As many as 500 states had to be integrated. Refugees: The partition resulted in millions of displaced refugees. And in addition to these awful problems, there was the formidable task of Nation Building. No other nation was born in more horrific circumstances. Most of Nehru's achievements have been mentioned by others. But what makes Nehru's achievements all the more stellar is the context. While Nehru's accomplishment are certainly laudable, he was ably supported by such stalwarts as Patel, Ambedkar and Rajagopalachari. However, it must be mentioned that these people had left early. Patel died in 1950, Ambedkar and Rajaji left the Union Cabinet in 1951. In the period since, especially in the fifties, Nehru's appeal peaked. As Nirad Chaudhuri wrote in 1953, Nehru's leadership 'is the most important moral force behind the unity of India.' Some people think Patel might have been a better alternative and even venture to suggest that there was animosity between the two. Firstly, Rajmohan Gandhi's Patel: A Life dispels any shred of rancor between them. Secondly, Gandhi chose Nehru because he most accurately represented the diverse, pluralistic and inclusive idea of India that Gandhi himself had lived, fought and died for. Nehru was a Hindu whom the Muslims had trusted, a Brahmin who abhorred the caste system, a North Indian who didn't impose Hindi on the South and a man trusted by women. In short, he was genuinely an all-India leader. ------ Is it true that no one could see the color blue until modern times? Theres a fascinating and nearly exhaustive RadioLab episode on this very subject. It is well worth a listen.Studies on this go back to Homer. Some of this can be attributed to poetecism, but W. E. Gladstone (author of rather definitive works on Homer) came to the conclusion that all of the Greeks were colorblind, though he was ridiculed for it. Studies on Homer and the Homeric age : Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet ArchiveSo, when did Blue come into language? Lazarus Geiger did a study on this years ago and the order with which colors appear in languages is rather definitive. Black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, in this order, almost exclusively (small number of exceptions). Red is *always* first and blue is *always* last in the colors.One important observation is that blue just doesnt appear in nature very much back then (aside from the sky, and not universally). There are very, very few natural blues. Even a lot of flowers that are blue today are genetically engineered, but theres more to it than that. There was purportedly a study in Namibia using a laptop with colored squares. They had 12 squares on a screen. 11 were green and 1 was blue. They were shown to the Himba tribe and asked which one was different. They apparently could not see the difference, whereas we would shout it out. However, this has been called into question: It's not easy seeing green. Theres little doubt, though, that the Himba were very adept at seeing shades of green that we might not notice. Its possible that to the Himba blue was just another shade of green. The best theories seem to hold that it has to do with the combination of linguistics and perception. If you dont have a name for something, it is difficult to perceive, almost beneath notice ------ Why did God give me more pain in my life? God doesnt give us our pain. I know of pain. Lost my mom at 6; she was only 29. Dad died relatively young as well. Lost my wife when she was only 26. Saw some significant deaths of other loved ones and acquaintances.But its Gods love that has comforted me. I hold strongly to Romans 8 in the Bible. Here are some highlightsAnd if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:17-18, 22, 24, 28, 32.God suffers with us. Our God loves us; and that is powerful. Its the emollient that keeps us in a world hardened by sin and suffering. Its not easy to suffer; but knowing that Jesus suffered makes it at least bearable. No excuses, just encouragement here.And as crazy as it may sound, I still believe that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THOSE THAT LOVE GOD.May God help you as you struggle with theodicy. May God help us all as we struggle with theodicy ------ What are the reasons for the Bipasha Basu's decline in Bollywood? 7 Biggest Mistakes of Bipasha Basu decline in bollywoodLetu2019s take a look at what went wrong with Bipu2019s dazzling career.1) Being u201ctoou201d open about her relationshipBipasha personally regrets the fodder that the media got, when her romance with John Abraham ended. After-all, some things are best kept secret, right?b12) PlayersThis terrible flick, which was a remake of the Hollywood blockbuster The Italian Job just blew! It blew like a job. If you know what we mean!b23) Rejecting Salman?Well this oneu2019s a clear case of old baggage! Apparently, Bipasha never got a chance to work with Salman Khan again after No Entry because John and Salman did not share a good equation!b34) HumshakalsShe has admitted in an interview that working with Sajid was a mistake, which she would never repeat! We agree with you, Bipasha. Afterall, Humshakals will be at the bottom of the u201cWorst Films Everu201d list, if there exists such a list at all!b45) Her Hollywood StintBipasha recently did a Hollywood movie titled u201cThe Loversu201d. What would normally have been a huge leap for any actor, wasnu2019t the case for Bipasha. The film was a Direct to Home release; and was released in select theatres. Needless to say, it bombed!b56) Fight with Esha GuptaApparently, Bipasha got in a fight with her Raaz 3 co-star, when Esha started getting more limelight than her! We smell smoke. Did someone light a beedi?b67) Creature 3dA rating of 3/10 speaks enough for the movie! One of her many horror flicks, she is also being dubbed as a u2018Horror Queenu2019! Now thatu2019s a title no one wants!Well as they say, S**t happens! You still wow us everytime they air Beedi or No Entry! We hope you bounce back soon, Bipasha!. ------ Who has more personal freedoms: Canadians or Americans? This is a good question. First off, the word u201cfreedomu201d seems to have entirely different meanings in Canada and the U.S.In the U.S., freedom means freedom to say whatever you want without fear of arrest, freedom to own u2014 and in some states, carry u2014 firearms, freedom to have private property.An American may be put off by the fact that Canadians donu2019t have these freedoms: we cannot spew hate speech or distribute written material that targets people on the basis of race, religion or ethnicity. We have strict gun-control laws. We donu2019t even really have private property, as all land is, at least in theory, owned by the Crown.That said, privacy laws are very, very strict in Canada u2014 much more strict than in the U.S. Some states, for instance, Florida, has a website where private citizens can do criminal record checks on anyone, and it even shows mugshots of people arrested, charged and convicted of crimes. That is unheard-of in Canada; police cannot even access a personu2019s criminal record unless they have a reason to do so.Also, there have been cases where U.S. employers, during the hiring process, have asked candidates to provide them with their social-media account IDs and passwords so they can snoop into their private lives: again, this would be illegal in Canada.Finally, u201cfreedomu201d, in the American sense of the word, seems to largely focus on the rights of individuals. u201cFreedomu201d, in Canada, focuses on the rights of Canadians as a collective whole, and the rights of all Canadians will always trump the rights of an individual. In short, in Canada, the right to freely swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose
Why Is Jyotiraditya Scindia Asked to Quit Congress?
This photo is from 13 December 2018, after the MP election results, when the Congress emerged as the single largest party and all the Congress think-tank were involved in deciding the CM for the Madhya-Pradesh.Congress contested the assembly election by making Jyotiraditya Scindia the chairman of the election campaign committee, when the BJP too was afraid of Scindia's popularity, and gave the slogan -u201dMaaf Karo Maharaj, hamara neta to Shivraju201d ("Sorry Maharaj our leader is Shivraj").Scindia also felt that the government would be formed under his leadership, he campaigned vigorously in Gwalior Chambal division, the result was that the BJP got a major loss in this region and Congress got a one-sided victory, its tightness even today, Shivraj whenever holds a meeting in Gwalior Chambal division, then he says that if you have voted for me one seat each from every district, then today I would have been the chief minister. But after the election results, when the meeting was held at the Congress office in Delhi, the Congress high command decided to make Kamal Nath the chief minister, after that decision, Scindia, Kamal Nath and Rahul Gandhi came out of the room, this photo of the same time.Seeing this photo, it is clear that the faces of Kamal Nath and Rahul Gandhi are glowing with happiness, whereas Scindia has only a formal smile on his face, meaning he only accepted this decision with reluctance.Scindia felt that after all, everything might be alright, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress may return to power and he will get a ministerial post at the center. But what happened in Lok Sabha, the whole country knows, in the Lok Sabha, Scindia lost even his own traditional seat Guna, but he still did not give up hope, he felt that he would be made MP Congress President, but Kamal nath even didn't wanted this. Now his last hope was to get a seat of Rajya Sabha, but here too, Kamal Nath and Digvijay faction started to grind him like Rahu and Ketu.There was no hearing or work done of the legislators aligned with the Scindia, only Kamal Nath faction and Digvijay faction dominated the whole government. Kamal Nath is the Chief Minister himself, his sons also became MP, Digvijay is also a Rajya Sabha MP, his son is also an MLA Minister, now the next term of Rajya Sabha is also desired by Digvijay of 75, while Scindia has neither Lok Sabha seat nor Rajya Sabha. Neither is the post of state president nor do any of his sons hold a high position in the Congress.Scindia continued to express his displeasure from time to time by making a statement on the section 370, 35a, on the Ram temple, apart from the line of Congress, but the Congress never took him seriously. After all, no matter how much one can tolerate, there is a limit to tolerance, there is also something called self-respect, this anger has been burning inside him since December 13, 2018, which can be seen in the photo. And this is the lava that is flowing in the political corridors of Madhya Pradesh at full speed today, burning the Congress.So, Jyotiraditya Scindia was not asked to quit Congress but he resigned from the Congress. When the Kauravas also refused to give 5 villages to the Pandavas, then there was bound to be discord and Mahabharata in total u2026u2026 · Other Questions What are your religious beliefs and why do you hold these beliefs? I was raised in a chatolic family, I was baptized, had the first communion and then had the confirmation, all this could be a huge lead that I am a chatolic person right?Well, to be honest I am not a chatolic person, thing is that since we are kids, we are told that we must obey this rules and do this and do that, that some things should and shouldnt be done, and I quite agree with a lot of them.Then growing up I learned about the different religions, I was totally puzzled out.WHY are there other religions that say they pray to the true GOD while others have split themselves from the Chatolic religion, I was puzzled, I didnt know, as time passed I learnt that we humans are not what we seem. We humans are so, so, fragile, yet we are able to do the greatests of harms, we are able to destroy, we are able to kill, to do the most darkests of things to our own race, we are simply flawed.A lot of people believed we were perfect be it atheist, religious or satanic people, one or another believe they are right and the other are wrong.I was totally confused, I didnt know where to go, I was lost, things were happening, my life was getting wrong, I was taking wrong turns, I didnt know where to go. THEN I returned one day when I was totally defeated I was considering suicide but I never did it, I returned and went to the catholic church, and asked and prayed for forgiveness to GOD, and I know he heard me, Im not saying catholic is the right religion, noIn those moments I remembered something vital, something that truly changed me, Jesus Christ, he saved me, I prayed, me a person that never prayed before, I knelt down and prayed, truly from my heart to help and save me, because I couldnt withstand it anymore.There are some things in the bible that say, I cant remember right, if you are tired come to me, Ill make you rest, If you are lost Ill guide you.I know for a fact that GOD helped me that day, from that day until today I BELIEVE there is a GOD, I believe that he has such infinite amount of love for each of us and that we depreciated, I include myself here, because I know for a fact Im not perfect, far from it, this is the believe that I have, we humans are flawed, but it doesnt mean we cant ignore that we had a beginning and we have an ending, I believe in true forgiveness, and in true love that GOD has. Im not a religious person, nor am I a saint, nor am I a pope, Im simply human and as a human I still am a child and I need guidance, and that guidance is GOD, nothing more nothing less, even though I want to revert back to my sins, even though I fail a lot of times to hold on that, I know that GOD KNOWS that I still need more time until I fully can say Im here father, I am your son and I will do your bidding without regret nor saying no, not because of a religion, not because of other people, but because I truly wish to do so, thats me at least ------ Who is the best player in chess, Viswanathan Anand or Magnus Carlsen? (I am not going to deny it - I have been a great fan of Mr. Carlsen and my views might be biased - I am going to attempt anywayu2026)Without a shadow of doubt most people would just shout u201cCarlsenu201d. His ability to grind a win out out of dead positions/tiny advantage is unmatched. He gets his opponent out of opening theory very very quickly and unlike many players, doesn't mind getting no advantage out of the opening. Grills opponents in middle games and move by move outplays opponents in the endgames! No doubt he will go down as a legend in chess history and generations will hail him as a hero - rightly so! He deserves everything he earned. It shall be difficult to topple him in WCCs for anyone in their best formu2026 In Game of thrones language - he is the prince that was promisedu2026In case of Mr. Anand - style of play is radically different than Mr. Carlsen. He invests a lot of time in opening preparations and fights to earn the opening advantage. Very strong player in middle games ; but clearly he is no match for Carlsen when it comes to Endgames. Anand is very very creative player - known to come up with u201cover the board u201d ideas - a quality which is getting rarer these days. From a very aggressive player, Vishy has evolved to become all round player in chess.To compare these two greats - we need to know them beyond what we see them do at chess boards. I would consider Carlsen to be a gifted one (Superman)- not undermining the hard work he has done to unleash his full potential - but read below facts and decide for yourself-At two years of age, he could solve 50-piece jigsaw puzzles.By the time he was 5 he could name almost all the countries in the world along with their capitals and population.At the age of 5, Carlsen had memorised the areas, population numbers, coat-of-arms andadministrative centres of "virtually all" Norwegian municipalitiesAt age of 13, second youngest grand-master. Vishy Anand may not be a gifted one but he stands out from the herd since he truly stood the u201ctest of timeu201d - (Batman of the chess world).Anand started back in 90s when Korchnoi, Karpov, and Kasparov ruled chess world. He played in an era where chess engines were not fully born - format of the game was very different. He earned his position amongst Korchnoi, Karpov, Kasparov, and Kramnik. He ruled the chess world in all possible formats. He adapted himself to become a universal player to go head on with players like Fabiano Caruna, Hikaru Nakamura, Sergy Karjakin, and of course Carlsen. At 46, Vishy won Champions showdown against Topi (41), Hikaru (28), Fabi (24)! Vishy is timeless!To me - a better player is not the one who has stunning winning record, highest FIDE rating etc. But the one who knows his limitations and still is not afraid to fail ; goes out and attempts his best everytime. Bounces back everytime he falls and stays relevant beyond the time!So - there you have it. Although many quorans would disagree - I would consider Anand a better player than Carlsen.Edit 0 : @ 48, Vishy won the World rapid chess championship and earned Broze in World Blitz championship! Living legend!Who is the best player in chess, Viswanathan Anand or Magnus Carlsen? Describe?
The Right Chemistry: Dry Cleaning Research Led to Saran ...
Its a captivating story. Back in 1825, a careless maid in the employ of one Jean-Baptiste Jolly knocked over a turpentine lamp, spilling the liquid onto a stained tablecloth. Apparently, Jolly was a frugal man: turpentine, a liquid obtained by the distillation of pine tree resin, was a cheap alternative to whale oil, the common fuel for lamps. While Jolly may have been thrifty, he was astute. He noted that the stains vanished where the kerosene had soaked through the fabric. And at that moment the dry cleaning industry was born! At least so goes the possibly apocryphal tale.Dry cleaning is only dry in the sense that no water is used.Although Jolly is commonly credited with the discovery, a patent for dry scouring was actually filed in the United States by Thomas Jennings four years before the careless maid episode. Unfortunately, the patent was destroyed in a fire, so what solvent Jennings used isnt known, but it was likely either turpentine or a petroleum distillate. Jennings, the first African American to ever be granted a patent, became rich from his discovery and used his earnings to help fund the abolitionist movement.The great scourge of the dry cleaning industry was the flammability of the solvents. This was such a great problem that establishments had to be located away from populated areas. By the turn of the 20th century, the search was on for solvents that would dissolve stains and were not flammable.In 1933, Ralph Wiley was a college student working at the Dow Chemical Company in a lab where such research was being carried out. One of his jobs was cleaning glassware. One day he was confronted by a residue in a flask that defied all his cleaning efforts. No matter what he tried, a dark green greasy film remained. He brought this to the attention of his boss John Reilly who was intrigued but was too involved in other projects at the time. Eventually, when Wiley was hired by Dow as a chemist, the mysterious-material-in-the-flask project was resuscitated. Wiley and Reilly determined that molecules of vinylidene chloride, the chemical that was the focus of the dry cleaning solvent research, had combined with each other to form long chains of polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC).By 1943, the two chemists managed to work out a viable synthesis of this material and christened it Saran, combining Sarah and Ann, the first names of John Reillys daughter and wife. Saran turned out to be useful as a protective layer against salty sea spray for fighter planes on aircraft carriers, as an insole for military boots and as a stain-resistant coating on car upholstery. It was in 1953 that Saran hit the public spotlight after Dow had found a way to produce polyvinylidene chloride as a thin, clear film. Saran Wrap became an instant hit as a packaging material because it was impervious to oxygen and moisture, extending the shelf life of packaged food. Furthermore, when stretched, its coiled molecules would unravel and then attempt to spring back to their original shape resulting in the films ability to cling to itself and to other surfaces.In 2004, Saran Wrap, which had been acquired from Dow by S.C. Johnson & Son, underwent a dramatic change in formulation. Although the name was retained, the wrap was now made of polyethylene instead of polyvinylidene chloride. By the companys own admission, this was an inferior product with poorer barrier and cling properties. Why the change, thenIssues had arisen about the fate of plastics that contained chlorine, and PVDC had loads of it. When exposed to high temperatures, such as in an incinerator, chlorinated plastics were found to yield highly toxic dioxins, a problem does not arise with polyethylene.Polyethylenes greater permeability to gases is not necessarily a minus. For example, in the case of packaged meat, the passage of oxygen through the plastic allows for the formation of oxymyoglobin, which has the attractive red colour people associate with fresh meat. In the absence of oxygen, deoxymyoglobin has a dark purple colour. While packaging meat for a few days in polyethylene is fine, this thin plastic is not appropriate for freezing meat, since it will allow moisture to pass through, resulting in freezer burn. But polyethylene can be formulated as straight or branched chain polymers with different densities, strengths and permeabilities. Freezer bags combine different types of polyethylene to prevent freezer burn.It would be some sort of poetic justice if the plastic bags used by dry cleaners today were made of PVDC, since that plastic was spawned by dry cleaning research. But like Saran, they are made of polyethylene. Be sure to recycle them.
Back-to-school Heat Wave Provokes Extreme Measures
Krista Wylie knew it had to be awfully hot at her childrens school when they kept coming home for lunch. It wasnt the midday cuisine that lured them from eating at school, but the air conditioning in their Toronto home. Maddie, 13, and Bennett, 9, both attend Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School. They are among thousands of sweaty, weary students who roasted in classrooms across the city during an unusually long back-to-school heat wave that finally broke Wednesday. Both children refilled their water bottles constantly, had trouble concentrating and complained of exhaustion, says their mother. Did my kids come home and throw up? No, says Wylie, co-founder of a campaign called Fix Our Schools . But did I hear lots of stories of kids vomiting? Yes I did. Things got so bad at one Toronto school that a teacher went out and spent $500 of her own money on an air conditioning unit for her classroom, which she said hit temperatures of more than 30C and left kids feeling faint. We were all dripping, lethargic, Jill Donald, a French teacher at Wilkinson Junior Public School, told CBC News this week. I think if parents knew that their kids were that hot, they wouldnt want them to come to school, she said. In the end, it wasnt effective at cooling the room, said Ryan Bird, spokesperson for the Toronto District School Board. Its my understanding she returned (the air conditioner) when it didnt do what she anticipated, he said. TDSB staff are not permitted to purchase units for classrooms or offices because of safety and electrical concerns, he added. Wylie says Fix Our Schools heard from parents around the city complaining about sweltering conditions. But she called it a tough dilemma because there are many more pressing concerns among schools across the province in chronic disrepair. And fixing structural problems has to come first. We agree with school boards on how theyre prioritizing the money theyve been given, Wylie added. But she said its important to ensure all new buildings and additions provide a working environment thats conducive to learning and teaching. Problems that surfaced in the heat wave are just another sign of a system overlooked for too long, leaving Ontario schools with a repair backlog totalling $15 billion , says Wylie. Two years ago, she said, her son Bennetts classroom was so cold at one point that his teacher turned it into a teachable moment and had kids (clad in winter coats) learn to use thermometers. The reading: 12C. The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario complained last week that heat and humidity were taking their toll on teachers and kids, and urged the province to make school infrastructure a priority. But Education Minister Mitzie Hunter said its up to school boards to address it. The province gave schools $1.1 billion for fixes and upgrades this summer, she said. At the Toronto Catholic board, which has a $1-billion repair backlog, spokesperson John Yan said fixing a roof or a boiler comes well ahead of something like air conditioning because you have to choose what truly affects the safety of the kids. Both Toronto public and Catholic boards have many old schools that dont have the electrical systems or architecture to accommodate window units. Investing in air conditioners for a few weeks of hot weather in June and September is not in the cards at the TDSB either, which faces $3.4 billion in repairs , said Bird.
Is It Possible to Build a Variable Swept-wing Aircraft Such That the Wing Sweeping Mechanism Can Mov
Hello there,In a sense - may I present to you the Sikorsky X-wing or X-blade ! And no, it's not something used by the X-men or Luke Skywalker, it was a serious concept to make a combat vehicle that was simultaneously a helicopter as well as jet fighter, without the excessive fuel thirst of vertical jet thrust as encountered by the Harrier. A concept of the late 1970u2019s and early 1980u2019s, it meets your conception, I thinku2026This was the idea for the US Air Force u2026And the concept for the US Navy.Essentially, the X-wing would spin - variable geometry, right there - the wing producing lift in the manner of the Helicopter, using vectored jet thrust to act as a NOTAR torque control. Then, as flight speed increased, the rotors would stop at a 45-degree angle as pictured, and behave (more or less) as a fixed-wing.Since you canu2019t put flying surfaces, or allow the wing to u2018flapu2019 when in VTOL, the flight control was by computer-controlled fly-by-wire actuation of boundary layer air, effectively modifying the aerodynamic characteristics of the rotor. It was worked out that a set of a few small jets on the leading and trailing edges, with exits no bigger than a pencil, and a set of bigger ones on the wing tips, worked well in simulation, and in wind tunnel testing. After these studies were done, Sikorsky did two things.1 Would the rigid rotor actually work? The answer is yes, and this was proved by building the (lovely) Sikorsky S-69 ABC Sikorsky S-69 - Wikipedia Here, the rotors are essentially rigid, with little u2018flapu2019, and speed of aircraft is high on the basis of what is known as the Advancing Blade Concept, or ABC, where most lift is being made on the blade moving forward, while the rear blades are making little or any lift when flying at speed. The solution by Sikorsky was to make - unique at the time - a Mechatronic rotor head, where the angle of attack of the blades could be individually varied based on speed and instrument data, by computer. The results were good - the S-69 ABC was blindingly fast, rock solid in flight, and very maneuverable. Its ABC software was therefore able to be implemented in the next, big stepu2026.In 1986, NASA and Sikorsky flew the X-wing research vehicle, using the aft fuselage of the S-67 Blackhawk Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk - Wikipedia no slouch in itself - and the forward fuselage of what was ultimately to become the S-70 Sikorsky S-70 - Wikipedia and later military Blackhawk helicopters that remain in service today. The X-wing was known as the Sikorsky S-72 Sikorsky S-72 - Wikipedia , and it first flew minus it X-wing.The development of the S-72 was protracted - most of its flights were in S-67 Blackhawk configuration, or without rotors on its wings alone.Despite loads of computer time, millions of dollars expended - the X-wing Never Flew. Which I think was a crying shame. However, it was not the last - meet the Boeing X-50 Dragonfly :A UAV, this time, the Dragonfly could make its wing into a rotor, and then stop it in flight to fly like a conventional aircraft.It crashed early in its career, howeveru2026 Boeing X-50 Dragonfly - WikipediaI would say, based on your question, that this is the best example I can give, off the top of my head.Hope this helps, and with kind regards · Suggested Reading What events led to the firing of former FBI chief James Comey? The demise of James Comey began in late October when he decided to intervene with his letters to Congress talking about Hillary Clintons email scandal and putting her back under investigation. This soured his reputation among the Democrats who thought hes trying to smear Clinton just days before the polls. Then later he declared that there was no further information regarding the emails and that Clintons position remained as it is. This soured his reputation among the Republicans who thought hes trying to protect Clinton.The fact of the matter remains, that when the new administration took office, it was a given that Comey was not a popular man in Washington.Then the Russian scandal hits the Trump administration, and Comey and the FBI at large begin investigation Donald Trump, but more importantly, members of Trumps team like Flynn and Jeff Sessions. Coming to the present day, we have the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein writing in a letter to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who, by the way has had to recuse himself from the Russian investigation due to him having allegedly lied to Congress about meeting the Russian ambassador before the elections). In Rosensteins letter, if I paraphrase very briefly, he cites Comeys handling of Clintons emails as the major reason for him having lost faith in Comeys ability to lead the FBI.To use Rosensteins words, The Director (Comey) was wrong to usurp the Attorney Generals authority on July 5, 2015 and announce his conclusion that the case (against Clinton) should be closed without prosecution. So, basically what Rosenstein is saying is that Comey overstepped his boundaries by saying that Clinton should not be prosecuted and that decision should have been left up to the Attorney General of the time.In the letter he recommends to Jeff Sessions that Comey be relieved from his duty as FBI Director. Sessions agrees to this and recommends the same to Donald Trump, who also agrees to it and finally fires James Comey from his position without even letting him know. Reports state that Comey was giving a speech when he came to know of it through a news report playing on TV.The reason why this has generated such a massive interest is not only because this is the second ever case of a President straight up firing an FBI Director only 4 years into his 10 year term, but also because of various surrounding factors in this issue, the Russian involvement being the elephant in the room.Jeff Sessions is being seen as a highly untrustworthy figure as far as the Russian investigation is concerned, and its suspicious how it was his recommendation (technically his Deputys but Rosenstein works for Sessions so you do the math), that led to Comey being fired. James Comey had allegedly very recently asked Congress for a large increase in resources for the Russian scandal, claiming that he needed more resources to investigate the issue.Just after all this happened, Trump made the (in my opinion, very unwise move) of welcoming the Russian foreign minister and Russian Ambassador into the White House.So, thats a very concise summary of this entire business. Itll be interesting to see who is selected to be the next FBI Director. Whoever s/he is, theyll need Senate confirmation, and though the Republican party enjoys a majority in the Senate, several Republicans have expressed their doubts about this entire issue. Itll be a massive humiliation for the White House if the next FBI Director is not confirmed by the Senate, though the chances of that happening are admittedly slim. Hope that helps. ------ What are some before and after pictures that prove people age at different rates? Thanks for the answer request, Sean. Here goes.I think it goes without saying that we all age at different rates. And I think there are many factors that play into this aside from simply saying good genes is the result of which.My sister, for example, looks incredibly young. Like annoyingly so. She, like our late father, has olive skin. I think skin tone and texture definitely play a role too in causing individuals to look younger for longer.Lack of humidity I think is another result of aging faster. Ive noticed this when I used to go for business trips often in California. There is like no moisture in the air. Skin naturally dries out because of it. Which is another reason why I think so many women turn to Botox in these desert type climates or in climates with little humidity.I think everyones favorite example of a woman who has aged publically without caring what others think is Linda Hamilton. Her face now is likely a result of lack of moisturizer and sunscreen, and I wouldnt be surprised if she was a smoker, too. Thats another way to age yourself in dog years. Or kill yourself faster. Take your pick.Lets look at one of my favorite examples of a woman who is simply radiant at 61 years of age. Angela Bassett, the woman is stunning. Now heres Linda, age 63Back in the early 80s, Linda was absolutely stunning in my opinion. But I personally still find her beautiful, and I will forever love watching her as Sarah Connor. Some girls wanted to be princesses when they grew up, I wanted to be her. LOL. Now heres them both at the approximately the same age in the early nineties:(Photo credits: EXCLUSIVE: Terminator 2 3D Post-Conversion is on Target and Enhanced | TheTerminatorFans.com; Beauty Evolution: Angela Bassett)There are many other examples, tooAlthough being an observant female I will say that men typically age better than women. You lucky dogs, youI used to be a huge fan of Meg Ryan when I was a kid. My mother met her once and raved about her so I liked her even more. She was stunning, until she started making her face look like the Joker(Image cred: Beautiful Celebrities Who Aged Terribly)Plastic surgery is often used with the goal of making a person look younger, but I think many times it has adverse effects that actually make you look older. Same for fillers and botox, too. I speak from experience on that.Then there are some people who just seem to never age. Keanu Reeves is a prime example of that. Then, of course, there are some men who havent aged that well. But abusing your body for several years can certainly take a toll on you.But we still love you, Chandler BingIn Matthews case, Jen Aniston definitely looks younger. But shes also got those good Greek genes in addition to many other things working out in her favor. (Image credit: See The Cast of 'Friends' - Then & Now)My husband, for example, looks younger than me although hes 6 years older than me. And trust me, he is quick to remind me of it to piss me off. But neither of us wants these kids full-time so divorce isnt an option.These two of my husband are taken ten years apart. He looks the damn same. But, as you can see on the left, his mother who was 60 in that photo, is gorgeous. For the record, my husband will be 42 this year, and still gets carded. The bastard just doesnt get wrinkles
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